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Where is your focus ?

11 June 2013

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Ever been working on something and you either just can't make any progress as your concentration is else where or you're finding it hard to focus? Well it happens to all of us.


Your focus is probably one of the most important things you own, everybody wants it and a lot of people try and take it away from you.

When lost, ask - what is important to you? What do you want your outcome to be? What are the results you are looking for?

Above all remember:

  • Your focus drives you,
  • What controls your day-to-day activities is what you focus on,
  • What you focus on you'll feel,
  • The way you feel motivates you and determines what you do, your journey and where you go.
  • And where ever your focus is, your concentration follows.

A technique I adopted sometime ago involves asking yourself better questions:

  1. What are the results & outcomes that you seek?
  2. Why are you here? What are you trying to achieve?
  3. What specifically do you have to do to achieve the results or outcome?
  4. Who will help you?
  5. What’s your view towards this outcome? (What is you attitude towards achieving this outcome?)
  6. What would be a useful attitude you to have to make positive progress towards this outcome?
  7. What beliefs do you have that may not be useful or that may stopped you achieving this outcome?
  8. What would be 3 or 4 useful beliefs to have in order to achieve this outcome?
  9. What do you value about the outcome or result?
  10. Why would you ever want to do this?
  11. What is important about the outcome for you?
  12. How can we add these to achieve the outcome as a success?

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Comprehension is the secret to prevent re-work and embarrassment ...

26 May 2013

Slice of Service

​When helping a customer or listening to issues or requirements we all think we can read people and can quick comprehend what is being said - although to prevent server embarrassment and hours unpacking issues in the future it may be worth spending a couple of seconds fully understanding all aspects of what has been said.

Consider finally 'framing' the whole conversation by repeating, in summary, what was said for complete understanding. You should repeat verbatim but a summary of the key points identifying what the outcome will be, how long it may take and who is leading on the work.

Finish the conversation with an invitation for them to come back to you. ‘If there is anything I can help with, please come back to me’

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Four Steps in Guaranteeing Completion ...

23 May 2013

Slice of Service

Ever been promised that delivery of a piece of work and nothing was done? Been let down on completion?

When given the piece of work, many elements can get in the way of  progress and completion.

A means of guaranteeing or increasing the likelihood of completing of a piece of work or a promise from a supplier to produce something by a particular date ensure do the following:

1.      Gain Clarity – Ask question so you fully understand what you’ve been asked to do. Seek to understand what the final product will look like? Complete comprehension means you should be able to easily pass on the work to someone else and be able to field any question they may ask.

2.      Establish timescale – Here you are attempting to set milestones for the time and date to review progress but also to agree a completion date. You will use resources available to you such as your availability in your diary and people-resources you may need to tap into? Once you have these – share them with all involved particularly the person allocating you the work.

3.      Do it - Here you do the work ensuring you constantly provide updates, constantly seeking further clarity and fixing timescales

4.      Celebrate – on completion advertise your success and create a ‘blueprint’ in people’s minds that you are a finisher and a safe pair of hands.


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