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Getting into Your Zone ...

26 January 2014

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Men can't multi-task - this is one of many things my wife shares with me, I guess it's not the 'doing' that the issue it's holding several 'thoughts' at once that preempts the doing. 

Generally when we are working on a piece of work, we need to spend a small amount of time ‘getting into’ what we are intending to work on (planning) - well before we start the 'doing'.

Surprisingly this involves a quality a lot of us lack, patience - owning a cat as a pet perhaps helps with this. It takes time to do anything with a cat, unlike a dog ... but that's another story.

through experience we find patience is a quality, whereas getting into the zone is a discipline which develops with time and practice. 

If you have ever disturb a colleague during a period of productivity, they won’t thank you for it – well not until they either have forgotten what they were working on or have to do get back into their zone before becoming productive.

There is no tight and fast rule in dealing with this - everybody is different and deals with interruption is a different way, ask yourself the following question:

1. How well do the people near you deal with interruptions?

2. Can they multi-task - the 'thinking' and 'doing' parts?

3. Are you aware what they are working on?

4. Are they undertaking an activity that needs concentration or are they undertaking a routine activity?

5. Does your interruption carry a higher priority in comparison to what they are working on?

With the right questions you can establish if an interruption will be received in a positive way ...

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Where is your focus ?

11 June 2013

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Ever been working on something and you either just can't make any progress as your concentration is else where or you're finding it hard to focus? Well it happens to all of us.


Your focus is probably one of the most important things you own, everybody wants it and a lot of people try and take it away from you.

When lost, ask - what is important to you? What do you want your outcome to be? What are the results you are looking for?

Above all remember:

  • Your focus drives you,
  • What controls your day-to-day activities is what you focus on,
  • What you focus on you'll feel,
  • The way you feel motivates you and determines what you do, your journey and where you go.
  • And where ever your focus is, your concentration follows.

A technique I adopted sometime ago involves asking yourself better questions:

  1. What are the results & outcomes that you seek?
  2. Why are you here? What are you trying to achieve?
  3. What specifically do you have to do to achieve the results or outcome?
  4. Who will help you?
  5. What’s your view towards this outcome? (What is you attitude towards achieving this outcome?)
  6. What would be a useful attitude you to have to make positive progress towards this outcome?
  7. What beliefs do you have that may not be useful or that may stopped you achieving this outcome?
  8. What would be 3 or 4 useful beliefs to have in order to achieve this outcome?
  9. What do you value about the outcome or result?
  10. Why would you ever want to do this?
  11. What is important about the outcome for you?
  12. How can we add these to achieve the outcome as a success?

Free Download:  Where is your focus?


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