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Your lack of planning has now become my emergency ...

30 May 2013

Slice of Service

When working with multi-level teams and individuals where dependency on delivery is key to the successful delivery of piece of work - be tenacious by undertaking a couple of activities that will guarantee delivery:

1. Anticipate failure by requesting delivery and quality checking earlier than required

2. Allocate someone to check-in with the delivery team to check on progress

3. Provide a template that incidates your expectations of what should be delivered.

Without something in place you'll find yourself muttering under your breath ... Let me get this right - your lack of planning has suddenly become my emergency!


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Publish on 30 May, 2013

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When Planned, What can go wrong ...

25 May 2013

Slice of Service

When your processes are in place - all is well, until something adverse or unusual happen - then you find your processes don't accommodate the unexpected. To assist with this consider the following:

 1. What can I do to put in place a solid 'followable' process so customers will experience it every time?

 2. Then ask , how can I also design in safeguards and opportunities to humanise something adverse or unusual, for when it goes wrong, or just falls outside the planned process?

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Publish on 25 May, 2013

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