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Certainty and Ambiguity

19 April 2015

Slice of Service

Without certainty we wouldn’t know what to do next, whereas to get where we want to be requires clarity. 
Think back to projects you’ve been involved in and ask yourself did you get there because as a team you were absolutely certain that the steps we were taking would get you there or was a down to elements of luck?
All projects require an element of ambiguity, design and innovation would be unnecessary if ambiguity didn’t exist. The aim of seeking buy-in with stakeholders through analysis and requirements-gathering would achieve clarity.
Without pausing and asking 'are we certain?' and 'is there any ambiguity in what we are planning to do?' we fail to arrive at where we want to be and get what we want.
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Develop a member of your team - Consider 3 A's ...

08 June 2013

Slice of Service

​​When developing member of your team consider they keep a journal of all they do. Building a 'Skills/Career Confidence Inventory' (SCCI) will assist them to reflect over what they have done. It will also assist them to fill-in and complete application forms.

​For each piece of work use this a template sheet (shown below) to record significant work. Completion of each of the sections will assist with understanding and enhance development. If you repeat a piece of work refer to a previous SCCI you undertook in an attempt to further illustrate sections:

  1. Title: Enter the title of the piece of work
  2. Date: Enter the date of the work, otherwise in several months you'll forget when you undertook the work
  3. Aim: Illustrate what the aim of the piece of work is?
  4. Action: What is it you did to complete the aim?
  5. Achievement: What did you achieve once you completed the action seciton?
  6. Further Action and Development: Is there any further actions or work required for your further development?


​Free Download:  Skills/Career Confidence Inventory

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