Customer Services

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This is not working ...

20 March 2015

'Why is this not working?' this is what I heard and started thinking 'Why?' and 'What's not working?'.

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Operating a Business or managing a Brand? ...

29 June 2013

Look, as a leader of a team you are constantly looking for improvements. You  identify area of waste, focus on ensuring individuals in your team are competent, seek to streamline services you offer and standardise on your internal and customer-facing processes.

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What's a bicycle lock got to do with service ...

11 July 2010

I've talked about 'service' in the past and if asked? Would probably the most used word I use after 'interesting' and 'really' - to my wife's annoyance.

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The future ...

22 May 2010

The future is still to be written, although if you are a sci-fi fan - you may see things differently.

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Who you gonna call?

18 April 2010

Having spent sometime this week speaking to call centres - BT (looking for a better deal … £2 less a month and a new wifi router) and Aviva (car in for damage repairs - you should see the 'other' car) I realise the quality of the service you receive is completely in the hands of who in the call centre takes your call.

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What is it they really want?

22 February 2010

​On the flight over to Brussels yesterday, I had millions of thoughts running through my head. Some work, some just silly ones - such as why do I find the Winter Olympic sport of 'curling' so interesting - I'd found myself during the week totally transfixed on watching game after game. I wondered if the rest of the country was doing the same. 

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Delivering bad news ...

14 February 2010
​After spending the weekend in Paris I found myself reflecting, on the journey back, over how we had been treated at one of Paris’s prestige hotels. This hotel was next door to the Eiffel tower (room 937 has the most magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower – or rather the Eiffel Tower has fantastic view of room 937).
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Don't get into hot water ...

07 February 2010

A few years ago I was convinced that services you receive - whether it was buying goods or paying for a plumber or decorator - would always consist of two parts. The first part would be the product you're receiving and the second, probably the most important and most defining part  would be experience you'd received.