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This is not working ...

20 March 2015

'Why is this not working?' this is what I heard and started thinking 'Why?' and 'What's not working?'.

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Managing Change - Perceptive or Reality ...

26 July 2014

​Change face us all the time, in our personal and work lives. If we decided not to change we stay still - that is - wake up, go to work, participate in the production line, go home, eat, sleep and wake up in the morning and it all starts again. This sort of life brings no excitement and leaves us open to redudancy and take-over.


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5 steps to ask the right questions ...

04 July 2013

​Asking the right questions may be difficult - you may feel stupid or plainly uncomfortable - You may be under pressure and have been placed on the spot. 

Of all the skills you have - if we stripped all them all away there is only one that would allow you to recapture the lot and that is communicating, which involves heavily on asking questions.

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Operating a Business or managing a Brand? ...

29 June 2013

Look, as a leader of a team you are constantly looking for improvements. You  identify area of waste, focus on ensuring individuals in your team are competent, seek to streamline services you offer and standardise on your internal and customer-facing processes.

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Cheap has no value ...

13 November 2011

​​Recently, while trying to sort out major issue with a particular service which was caused by RIM's major outage, I negotiated the trial of a new innovative “make clients and customers lives easy"  technology – I was keen to establish that trial would carry no costs.

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Do we need a strategy ....

04 July 2011

IT Manager walks in to CEO Office to discuss the IT Strategy:

CEO: I'm glad you're here, I have lots of important things to discuss with you

ITM: Oh, fantastic - I too have lots of ideas, having spent lots of time with all the Service Areas - I have a great understanding on how to move us forward - ensuring we make better us of what we have and spend less on what we buy - obtaining good value and establishing us as market leaders.

CEO: emm, yes - good. But before all that - can we discuss why it takes me so long to log into the my computer? Why the internet access is so slow? and what's all this I hear about the not being able to fix my PA's PC because of licence keys?

ITM: errr ......

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Practical delivery of cloud based solutions ...

26 May 2011

​​Working at the cutting edge of service delivery I can't help thinking about how we can improve the service we offer, but more importantly making our lives a little easier in the process.

If you are like me - you're constantly 'phone-dodging' sales calls proclaiming to have the next biggest thing in the IT arena!  

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What's a bicycle lock got to do with service ...

11 July 2010

I've talked about 'service' in the past and if asked? Would probably the most used word I use after 'interesting' and 'really' - to my wife's annoyance.

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Who you gonna call?

18 April 2010

Having spent sometime this week speaking to call centres - BT (looking for a better deal … £2 less a month and a new wifi router) and Aviva (car in for damage repairs - you should see the 'other' car) I realise the quality of the service you receive is completely in the hands of who in the call centre takes your call.

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Why do we exist ...

16 March 2010

​As I thought about 'Why do we exist?' - I had a sudden realisation that readers would be thinking 'Wow', could he be relating this to life, god and the universe.